WirelessSentinelTM is currently based on the well known and widely used WiFi standard (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n), and can implemented using readily available WiFi Access Points (routers) and Bridges, allowing the deployment of wireless sensors networks by anyone familiar with WiFi and Ethernet networks, reducing the costs associated to engineering, training, installation, commissioning, tuning and maintenance, comparing with other wireless solutions requiring special knowledge and costly hardware (i.e. special gateways).

Depending on the model WirelessSentinelTM devices can be powered from solar cells + lead acid batteries, solar cells + supercapacitor bank (battery less) , or external power. There are models ready available to be installed in Hazardous areas (Class I – Division 1 / Zone 1), models Weather proof, and models for Din rail mounting. Zigbee and 3G cellular models are coming soon.

WirelessSentinelTM is ready to IIoT as it is capable of supporting connection to the cloud, where internet connection is available.