PROJECTClientLocationCompl. DateIndustry
Compression Plant Bachaquero IIPDVSA / Vic ServiceVenezuela2018Fire and Gas
Compression Plant Bachaquero IPDVSA / Vic ServiceVenezuela2018Fire and Gas
Engineering Services and Sentinel Control Licenses for Gas Compression Plant for Jusep¡n 200 Project (PC-JUS-15)VepicaVenezuela2016Oil & Gas
Engineering Services and licenses for the Project Blower 101-J and Compressor 102-J antisurge control system of Delay Cocker Plant in Cadereyta RefinerySSCOPE / PEMEXM‚xico2015Oil & Gas (Refination)
JoboII, Jobo III and Pilon Compression Plants, Control System UpgradePDVSAVenezuela2015oil & Gas
Fire & Gas and SIS systems Technical Assistance Services.Bariven, S.A.- C/O. PDVSA Services, B.V.Venezuela2015Oil & Gas
Development of Applications and Technical Assistance for the implementation of Applications for 8 TMC of PDVSA AIT WestPDVSA / HIMAVenezuela2014Oil & Gas
ESD and F&G Applications Development & Field Assistance for the 8 TMC of PDVSA AIT OccidentePDVSDA / HIMAVenezuela2013Oil & Gas
Software of the fuel control system: configuration, implementation and start up for the turbo pump in ULE 4 pumping stations.de la turbo bomba de las estaciones de bombeo ULE 4.PDVSAVenezuela2013Oil & Gas
Technical Assistance and National Service with Hand Work for Pre-commissioning, Commissioning and Start of Turbochargers, Turbo Generator and Fuel Gas Systems Nitrogen and NPCA.PDVSAVenezuela2013Oil & Gas
Sentinel Software Acquisition System Turbine Speed ??Control ULE - AmuayPDVSAVenezuela2013Oil & Gas
Control System Replacement RR ENTRONIC FT-100 in three Compression Plants facilitiesPDVSAVenezuela2013Oil & Gas
Combustible Gas Control and Anti surge Algorithms Licenses acquisition for Bachaquero 1 mini plants.PDVSAVenezuela2012Oil & Gas
Turbine # 1?s fuel gas control system replacement in Pajuizal pumping station.PDVSAVenezuela2012Oil & Gas
Three Control Systems to Replace the Foxboro DCS in the TJ3 Compression Plant - PDVSA OccidenteBariven, S.AVenezuela2012Oil & Gas
Rolls-Royce Entronic FT100 Control System Replacement in Lagunillas 5 Miniplant (MP-LL-5) gas turbo compressor of PDVSA West.PDVSA OccidenteVenezuela2012Oil & Gas
Mini Plant LL5PDVSA OccidenteVenezuela2012Oil & Gas
Operation Center Zapato MataR EPC, Safety Instrumented System in Anaco District.PDVSAVenezuela2009Oil & Gas
Emergency Shutdown Systems for Wet Gas Compressor and Power Recovery Train for FCC Unit in El Palito Refinery.PDVSAVenezuela2008Oil & Gas (Refining)
Jobo 3 Control PLC Programming.PDVSAMorichal2007Oil & Gas
Air compressors safety PLC supply.PDVSA / CCCRefiner¡a El Palito2006Refining (Oil & Gas)
Indon Power Frame 5 GTPutranata/Indon PowerIndonesia2005Power Generation
Antisurge and Load Sharing Control for 18 Refrigeration CompressorsMoritaniTokyo, Japan2004Refining (Oil & Gas)
Gas Compression Plant protection system.PETROBRASLa Concepci¢n, Mata2003Refining (Oil & Gas)
Gas Compressors Controllers ProcurementPDVSAJusepin2002Gas compression (Oil & Gas)
Compressor Plant Cincogas 3-4, Portacompresor 7, Lagogas 3 y C-13, C-15, TJ2 and 3 Antisurge Control SystemPDVSAMaracaibo2001Oil production (Oil y Gas)
Antisurge Control System for Lagogas IV Compression PlantPDVSAMaracaibo1999Oil & Gas
Control System Modernization and Supervision and Control Systems Integration for CL-1 Gas Compression Plant
Antisurge Control System for LL-1, BA-2 and MP, LL6 Compression PlantPDVSAMaracaibo1999Oil & Gas
Air Compressors Control & Protection System ProjectFoster Wheeler Italiana. End Customer: TuprasIzmir Refinery, Turkey2000
Unigas II Plant Protection and Control System Centralization and Update.MARAVENMaracaibo Lake1997Oil & Gas
Compressor Protection System K-501 A/B, K-301 A/B/C/D Bajo Grande GLP PlantMARAVENBajo Grande1997Refining (Oil & Gas)
Ceuta Gas and Lama Plants Integration.MARAVENMaracaibo1996
Compressor PB-1B Antisurge System Automation.MARAVENCard¢n Refinery1996Refining (Oil & Gas)
Hazard analysis and Emergency Shut Down sequence of a natural gas turbocompressor off shore platform. Programming, Commissioning, and Start up in a Triple Modular Redundant SystemMARAVENMaracaibo Lake1995Oil & Gas
Hazard analysis and emergency shut down sequence of refrigeration compressor of a liquid extraction plant. Triple Modular Redundant SystemMARAVENCard¢n Refinery1994Oil & Gas
Lamargas T-101Compressor UpgradeMARAVENMaracaibo Lake1994Oil & Gas
La Paz-Ceutagas Gas Compression Plant UpdateMARAVENMaracaibo1993
Conceptual and Basic Engineering; commisssioning of LPG Plant Compressors control strategiesPEQUIVENEl Tablazo1990Oil & Gas