PROJECTClientLocationCompl. DateIndustry
F&G System at the Gas Distribution Plant Antigua and BarbudaVic Service C.A.Venezuela2016Fire & Gas
Fire & Gas and SIS systems Technical Assistance Services.Bariven, S.A.- C/O. PDVSA Services, B.V.Venezuela2015Oil & Gas
Emergency Shutdown System HIMA?s PLC of MVCII Plant in Ana Mar¡a Campos Petrochemical Complex.PequivenVenezuela2014Oil & Gas
Integration of F & G Systems, SIS, UCs / CPC, IT Networks, CCTVP, Operations Centre and Collection System Campo Santa Rosa - Anaco Gas Project (PGA)PDVSA/OdebrechtVenezuela2014Oil & Gas
Development of Applications and Technical Assistance for the implementation of Applications for 8 TMC of PDVSA AIT WestPDVSA / HIMAVenezuela2014Oil & Gas
ESD and F&G Applications Development & Field Assistance for the 8 TMC of PDVSA AIT OccidentePDVSDA / HIMAVenezuela2013Oil & Gas
Detail Engineering for Integrated Monitoring and Control System of COSR and Seasons Collection.PDVSA/OdebrechtVenezuela2013Oil & Gas
Fire Detection System Fuel Distribution Plant Dominica IslandPDV CARIBEDominican Republic2013Oil & Gas
Control System Replacement RR ENTRONIC FT-100 in three Compression Plants facilitiesPDVSAVenezuela2013Oil & Gas
Specialized Support Services for Gas detection automation in the engine room of Pomar Plant, Carora, Edo. Lara.POLARVenezuela2013Food & Beverages
Specialized Support Services for Gas detection automation in the engine room of plant Polar Los Cortijos CaracasPOLARVenezuela2013Food & Beverages
Specialized Support Services for Gas detection automation in the engine room Plant Polar San Joaqu¡n Edo. CaraboboPOLARVenezuela2013Food & Beverages
Specialized Support Services for Gas detection automation in the engine room Plant Polar Modelo MaracaiboPOLARVenezuela2013Food & Beverages
Specialized Support Services for Gas detection automation in the engine room Plant Polar Oriente BarcelonaPOLARVenezuela2013Food & Beverages
Combustible Gas Detectors SupplyClariant S.A.Venezuela2011Pharmaceutical
Gas production Detection System, Los Cortijos PlantsPOLARVenezuela2010Food & Beverages (Gas Detection)
Gas Detection System Engineering for the Machine Room in Modelo Plant, located at MaracaiboPOLARVenezuela2010Food & Beverages
Gas Detection System Engineering for the Machine Room in San Joaquin Plant, Located at Carabobo StatePOLARVenezuela2010Food & Beverages
Gas Detection System Engineering for the Machine Room in Oriente Plant, located at BarcelonaPOLARVenezuela2010Food & Beverages
Deep Conversation Puerto La Cruz Refinery.PDVSAVenezuela2008Oil & Gas
San Joaquin Fire & Gas Safety Instrumented System EPC in San Joaquin District - Anzoategui StatePDVSAVenezuela2008Oil & Gas
Control System acquisition (PLC and Fire Control) in PDVSA San Tome DistrictPDVSAVenezuela2006Oil & Gas
Control Packaged ESD / PCS / F&G SystemsTotal Oil and Gas Venezuela (TOGV)Jusepin2003Oil & Gas
Fire & Gas System Update (SCI) and Emegency Shutdown (SPE) in Yagua Gasoline Distribution PlantPDVSAYagua2002Refined products distribution (Oil y Gas)
Steam Plant W-6 Boilers Update in Lagunillas and Station E-1 Heaters in T¡a JuanaPDVSAMaracaibo2002Oil production (Oil y Gas)
Gas, Smoke and Heat Detection System Service & Manteinance in Gas Compression and Liquid Extraction Plant Facilities in Western DivisionPDVSAMaracaibo2002Oil production (Oil y Gas)
Fire & Gas Detection System an Emergency Shutdown System in 14 Flow Station in UE LagotrecoPDVSAMaracaibo2002Oil production (Oil y Gas)
Safety Integrity level (SIL) Determination of the Safety Instrumented System (SIS) Plant AV-2 and Plant CD-4 Reinstrumentation Card¢n RefineryPDVSACRP Cardon Refinery2001Refining (Oil & Gas)
Packaged Electrical cabins for CNW DJ12 and COT3 WellsTotal Oil and Gas Venezuela (TOGV)Monagas2001Oil production (Oil y Gas)
Compressor Plant Cincogas 3-4, Portacompresor 7, Lagogas 3 y C-13, C-15, TJ2 and 3 Antisurge Control SystemPDVSAMaracaibo2001Oil production (Oil y Gas)
Water Treatment Integration Vapor Plant HH-8PDVSAMaracaibo2001Oil production (Oil y Gas)
Acogas RTU 2 PressurizationTotal Oil and Gas Venezuela (TOGV)Monagas2000Oil production (Oil y Gas)
Telemetry system for crude EPJ fiscal measurement in RVP control room.Total Oil and Gas Venezuela (TOGV)Monagas2000Oil transportation (Oil y Gas)
Fire & Gas System upgrade in Cantina Distribution Plant and Gas Detectors Installation in Guatire and Carenero Plants.PDVSACaracas2000Refined products distribution (Oil y Gas)
Antisurge Control System for Lagogas IV Compression PlantPDVSAMaracaibo1999Oil & Gas
F & G system debottlenecking and expansionTotal Oil and Gas Venezuela (TOGV)Monagas2001
Madero Fire & Gas system.PEMEXMadero, M‚xico.2001
Flare Gas Recovery ProjectAC Compressor. Cliente final: KNPC.Shuaiba Refinary, Kuwait.2001
CCR Reformer Units and IsomerizationFoster Wheeler Italiana. End Customer: TuprasIzmir Refinary, Turkey2000
Detailed Engineering for Pressure Maintenance Project in Rucio Viejo PlantTotal Oil and Gas Venezuela (TOGV)Monagas2000Oil & Gas
Control System Modernization and Supervision and Control Systems Integration for CL-1 Gas Compression Plant
Boiler PLC's Upgrade of RSIPDVSACRP Cardon Refinery1999Oil & Gas
Engineering, Supply, Installation and Training of HIMA PLC for CO Boiler of Catalitic Craking Unit CCU PlantPDVSACRP Cardon Refinery1999Oil & Gas
TRICONEX PLC Development, Configuration and Programming for Catalitic Craking Unit CCU PlantPDVSACRP Card¢n Refinery1999Oil & Gas
Emergency Shutdown System ProjectABB Lumus/TOYO EngineeringRusia Plant1999
Deep Jusepin Upgrading Of The Fire And Gas System Project.Total Oil and Gas Venezuela (TOGV)Monagas1999Oil & Gas
Detailed Engineering for the auxiliary equipment and common areas of Boilers 3 and 4PEQUIVENEl Tablazo1996Petrochemical
Glicol Bar£a V and Motat n II Plants AutomationMARAVENMotat n1998Oil & Gas
Automation System Integration and Communication with SCADA systems. Lagoven ? Lagunillas. flow stations, gas multiples. compressor plantLAGOVENBachaquero1997Oil & Gas
Unigas II Plant Protection and Control System Centralization and Update.MARAVENMaracaibo Lake1997Oil & Gas
Vapor Plant HH-8 Protection / Equipment Secuence SystemMARAVENBachaquero1998Oil & Gas
Compressor Protection System K-501 A/B, K-301 A/B/C/D Bajo Grande GLP PlantMARAVENBajo Grande1997Refining (Oil & Gas)
Ceuta Gas and Lama Plants Integration.MARAVENMaracaibo1996
Electric Power Plant Boilers 3 and 4 ReinstrumentationPEQUIVENEl Tablazo1995Petrochemical
Hazard analysis and emergency shut down sequence of refrigeration compressor of a liquid extraction plant. Triple Modular Redundant SystemMARAVENCard¢n Refinery1994Oil & Gas
Lamargas T-101Compressor UpgradeMARAVENMaracaibo Lake1994Oil & Gas
Emergency Shutdown of Lamarl¡quido compressor off shore plantMARAVENMaracaibo Lake1994Oil & Gas
Isobutane storage control sequence in the S-505 tankMARAVENBajo Grande1993Refining (Oil & Gas)
Start up sequence and flame safeguard of boilers: 9,10,11 y 12. ASVAP Project.PEQUIVENEl Tablazo1989