MCL Control has developed a solution for the protection and control of centrifugal and axial compressors either alone or in networks,combining specific needs of safety, high speed control strategies, andsequencing of each compression train with the global requirements of machinesintegration, production strategies, monitoring facilities, informationsupervision, and centralization. As a result, MCL Control provides a smart flexible solution at a verycompetitive cost that decreases when the same architecture is extended to therest of associated production processes. For this reason, the global concept ofthe CompressorSentinelTMoffers answers that reach all the areas related with production (operation,maintenance, supervision, management, administration, etc.). Based on currentISA/ANSI and IEC safety standards requirements, CompressorSentinelTMcomplies with the separation concept of having Safety and Control independentmodules as described below. Furthermore, the CompressorSentinelTMis based upon Compressor Controls Corporation’s (CCC) series 3 & 5 platformfor both, control and sequencing, and upon IEC-61508 compliant TÜV certifiedProgrammable Electronic Systems (PES or Safety PLCs) for the process safety.The CompressorSentinelTMarchitecture can be adjusted for compliance with the required Safety IntegrityLevel (SIL) and availability for your process.