MCL Control keeps developing BoilerSentinelTM and FurnaceSentinelTM, comprehensive integral soluctions targeted to satisfy the protection and control requirements of boilers and furnaces, being them thermally integrated or not. Both encompass what is commonly known as Burner Management System (BMS), which includes the sequence for the safe startup and shutdown as well as emergency shutdown for boilers and furnaces; in addition, both products also address the need of continuous control, monitoring, and thermal integration by means of optimal load distribution algorithms in the case of steam networks, as well as the automation of water treatment plants in the case of the boilers. The global concept of both products offers answers that reach all production related areas 8operation, maintenance, supervision, management, administration, etc.). Based on current API, IEC, NFPA, and also equipment manufacturers’ safety standards requirements, both products comply with the concept of having Safety and Control separated in independent Modules as described below. Furthermore, both products are bases upon commercial Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) platforms for both control and sequencing, and upon IEC-61508 compliant TÜV certified Programmable Electronic System (PES or Safety PLC) for process safety. The architecture of a system bases in any of the products can be adjusted to comply with the required Safety Integrity Level (SIL) and availability for your process. Both products also offer the flexibility of combining both control and protection of the equipment in the same controller (PLC) when allowed by applicable regulations and standards.