PROJECTClientLocationCompl. DateIndustry
HIMA BMS Technical Assistance & Boilerïs AuditHima Americas / FertinitroVenezuela2016Oil & Gas
Pralca?s Boiler new BMS ÿÿ
Hima AmericasVenezuela2015Oil & Gas
Boiler Managment System (BMS) EngineeringSigma Thermal, Inc.U.S.A.2011Oil & Gas
Steam Plant W-6 Boilers Update in Lagunillas and Station E-1 Heaters in T¡a JuanaPDVSAMaracaibo2002Oil production (Oil y Gas)
Boiler PLC's Upgrade of RSIPDVSACRP Cardon Refinery1999Oil & Gas
Engineering, Supply, Installation and Training of HIMA PLC for CO Boiler of Catalitic Craking Unit CCU PlantPDVSACRP Cardon Refinery1999Oil & Gas
Detailed Engineering for the auxiliary equipment and common areas of Boilers 3 and 4PEQUIVENEl Tablazo1996Petrochemical
Glicol Bar£a V and Motat n II Plants AutomationMARAVENMotat n1998Oil & Gas
Vapor Plant HH-8 Protection / Equipment Secuence SystemMARAVENBachaquero1998Oil & Gas
Tacoa Plant Units 1 and 2 Supervisory Flame System.Electricidad de CaracasTacoa1996Power Generation
Maraven Bajo Grande Steam Production System Improvement.MARAVENBajo Grande1995Oil & Gas
Electric Power Plant Boilers 3 and 4 ReinstrumentationPEQUIVENEl Tablazo1995Petrochemical
Start up sequence and flame safeguard of boilers: 9,10,11 y 12. ASVAP Project.PEQUIVENEl Tablazo1989