About Us

Our development is based on the idea of continuously adding solutions to our binder of applications, taken into account the global market demands and the availability of adequate technological tools. We will continue building our way through our own technology under the Sentinel brand name and adapting third parties technologies. Towards this end we keep close ties with the most important companies worldwide and with universities in different parts of the world and at the same time we sponsor technical symposiums to advance the knowledge in this area.

Our products in general are packed solutions for the Control and Protection of industrial plants and equipment as lump sum projects under our sole responsibility.

Specifying areas we can say that we specialize in Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESD), Advanced Process Control and Optimization and Modeling and Simulation, serving the following industries: Oil and Gas, Steel and Aluminum mills, Petrochemical, Chemical, Power Generation, Solar Power and Thermal Applications, and Manufacturing in general, covering their total needs in Process Control and Automation, providing Feasibility Studies, Conceptual, Basic and Detail Engineering, Risk Analysis, equipment and materials procurement, construction (installation), Calibration of Instruments, Commissioning and Start Ups, training and support to operations and maintenance in situ or via Internet.

Our financial capability allows us to handle projects in the order of millions of dollars as reflected from projects executed.

We keep strategic alliances with many corporations within and outside Venezuela in order to develop the different projects in the most cost effective way. We are exclusive distributors of HIMA systems for Venezuela and the Caribbean.

We will keep opening offices closer to our main customers, each one specializing in the most relevant activities within its area of influence with our goal of providing the fastest and highest quality service. We have opened an office in Houston, Texas in order to provide service to the Oil and Gas Mexican and Texans market.

MCL Control hopes to become his customers’ Best Ally to reach their production and economical goals.